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What is the requirement for a pluggable connector located in PS3 circuits and used to connect/disconnect with/without load?

More specifically you asked: We have a IT device (UL listed) according 62368-1 device with a power/data port (max. 30V, max. 8A) to supply external connected devices. The port in the device is classified as PS3. The requirements for the connector of the port for fire protection is min. V-1 , because the port is part of the fire protecting housing of the device. Now my questions: If I use a cable >3.05m I need a UL listed cable, but which requirements are to a pluggable connector inline the cable? If the connector is used to connect/disconnect with/without load which requirements the connector (plug/socket) need?


When the pluggable connector on external cable (length > 3.05m) is located in PS3 circuit, UL / IEC 62368-1 (2nd or 3rd Ed), sub clause 6.4.6, second dash still applies for flammability requirements, generally, material with V-1 flammability rating will meet this requirement, but there are other options in this second dash, such as comply with flammability testing per S.1, or use of a connector that meets an appropriate IEC component standard. If the connector also can be disconnected under load, the IEC connector standard should consider this condition, and per Annex DVG (G.4.3), if UL 1977 is used its current interruption requirements apply; generally using a connector certified to UL 1977 suitable for current interruption will meet this requirement. 


However, we suggest you contact UL to discuss in greater detail since not all ITE devices and the associate power/data ports are exactly the same and compliance can depend on the details associated with a specific construction.

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